Exploring the World’s Most Amazing Architecture – Part 2

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Our forefathers surely knew their way around soils and metals and possessed wisdom beyond compare. Their dexterity and knowledge of architectural designs and materials were so strong that the structures they designed still exist among us, having withstood the test of time and yet look brand-new. Continuing on our quest of exploring the most amazing architectures in the world currently, here are a few more structures that will blow your mind away.

Shah Mosque, Isfahan, Iran (Built-in 1611)

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The Masjed-e-Shah or the Shah Mosque is considered by many to be the most iconic mosque in Iran. Located in the royal square of Isfahan, this mosque has been the crown jewel of this former Iranian capital city for centuries. While the mosque’s design features glittering mosaic tiles in more than seven different colors, the entire structure is covered with calligraphic inscriptions from the Quran. Other notable features of the mosque include the four arcades or “iwans” that depict the Persian architectural style. Visiting here, you can sit under the dome and enjoy the wondrous moment when even a single stamp of foot creates seven echoes.

Fallingwater, Mill Run, Pennsylvania, US (Built-in 1937)

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This iconic structure resembles a tumble of tiers hanging casually over a creek, fooling the visitors into believing that it was made of giant pieces of Jenga. Described as the maestro’s ‘most beautiful job’ (the house featured on the cover of Time magazine) and a shining example of his trademark style of organic architecture, the house belongs to the department store mogul Edgar J Kaufmann. One of the most innovative features of this structure is the usage of cantilevers over the Bear Run waterway. While the structure has been a National Historic Landmark and a museum since 1964, it still instills a sense of wonder inside our hearts and eyes, merging landscape and living space into one stunning structure.

Bank of Asia Robot Building, Bangkok, Thailand (Built-in 1987)

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One of the latest structures to feature in our list, this sensational building designed by architect Sumet Jumsai is an interesting take on the modernization and computerization of banking. The architect got his inspiration when he saw his son playing with his robot. Subsequently, what ensued was a bank’s headquarters so courageous and marvelous, resembling a giant robot from the movies and complete with doleful large eyes and two antennae on the roof. Go robot.

Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies, Doha, Qatar (Built-in 2015)

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Though it may look like a vast insect, or perhaps a futuristic vehicle, yet the Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies, in the Education City, Doha is one of the most wonderful architectural marvels of the 21st century. This place of learning is unique in itself – one that melds knowledge, faith, and modernity. Designed under the patronage of Her Highness Sheikha Moza Bint Nasser, this features five large columns that represent the five pillars of Islam, while the mesmerizing Arabic calligraphy takes the design to whole new levels of awesome.

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