Planning A Trip To India- Here All You Should Know

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If you love spontaneous travels, India is the perfect country for you. A beautiful country that is full to the brim with culture, color, and adventure, India is a magnificent place to explore. With adventure around every corner (and temple), Indian life is worlds apart from any other country and you are sure to fall head over heels for it. It is so incredibly beautiful and bursting with life, that if you don’t visit India during your lifetime you will most certainly have missed out. To help make up your mind, here are a few things that will surely make India truly unique.

Beautiful People And Beautiful Smiles

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India is without a doubt home to some of the friendliest people on the planet. Even a simple wave or a smile to a local goes a long way and their hospitality is probably one of the most endearing in the world! While, the people here can be a bit over friendly, not to mention the constant staring and pointing at times, there is no reason for you to be feeling overwhelmed or agitated. Within a few days, you won’t even notice it. From the outside, India could seem a risky choice, but the welcome you will receive will never let you miss your home.

Culture, Culture, And Even More Culture

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Being a country full of religion, culture and beautiful traditions, India packs a pleasant surprise around every corner. Whether you are taking a stroll along the Ghats and come across a meditating hermit or spending the day amongst stunning elephants in Udaipur, not a single day will go past without you being truly amazed by the rituals and traditions of India. Furthermore, religion plays a huge part in the lives of the people in India and probably, is the key to a happy life. Seeing their dedication towards religion is both beautiful and an incredibly eye-opening experience.


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Both intricate and meticulous, Indian architecture is the perfect example of stunning artwork and audacious designs. There a number of outstanding buildings, temples, and palaces spread across the country. Each structure bears a distinctive influence of several architectural styles, whether it’s Persian, Dravidian, or European. Nowhere else in the world can you find such a variety of cultural depictions into a single design.

Food Fit For A King

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India is quite popular for its food and it’s very hard not to taste and agree. Why? With endless curries, fried foods and local delicacies, India offer a complete gamut of flavor profiles to anyone who is keen on exploring its culinary landscape. Local food is a fantastic way to experience daily life and, without a doubt, you will find something truly distinctive and delicious on every street corner. While the real Indian tastes are experienced through its delectable street food, if you prefer a more civilized sit-down dining experience, there are various restaurants and hotels to choose from.

5. Lose the Map Away and Hit the Road

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India is a country that will really open your eyes and broaden your perspectives. However, if you really want to immerse yourself in the adventurous experience, you need to throw away the map and hit the road. Although you need to consider some safety precautions, hitting the road without any plans will help you enjoy India, see the sights and go at your own pace.


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