Tips to Pack for Any Festival

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Excited to go to a festival this year? Don’t fret! From planet-friendly to practical tips, we’ve got it all covered. Whatever the budget, weather, and company involved, we have put together a curation of festival necessities that will help you enjoy all the mud wading and crippling hangovers to the fullest. Read on.

The Festival Utilities

After you’ve double checked your festival ticket, cash ID, and debit card, you should pack solar chargers so that you can charge your electronics on the go instead of queuing on-site to top up and missing out on all the fun. If you’re going off camping, make sure to take a mallet, use folded clothes as pillows and invest in fold-up camping chairs and a good mummy bag. In case you’re taking an airbed, you should buy a buy a battery-powered pump too. Furthermore, remember to stock up on reusable organic cotton bags so that carrying food and drink or merchandise doesn’t become a concern. Moreover, there are certain things that you think you won’t need but probably do, such as gaffer tape, lighter, torch, ear plugs, clothes pegs and eye mask.

Staying in A Camp

First up, you must carefully read what not to take on the festival’s website – things such as aerosols, paper lanterns, and gazebo tents might be a concern. That said, in case you’re camping, don’t pack your expensive tent if the festival promises an excess of partying and footfall around your pitch. Not a fan of pitching up? You can consider weekend festivals that are city-based, such as Sydney Festival, Field Day in London, Movement Detroit, USA, or any of the Ultra Music Festivals held across the globe. If glamping, make sure to check what the festival provides so that you can rock up and relax with minimum hassle.

Food and Drink

It is always advisable to pack the bare minimum of cooking supplies including a small saucepan, cutlery, spatula, plates and bowls, tin opener, multi-tool or firm knife, washing up tools, reusable bottles, and waste bags. Furthermore, many festival sites insist on avoiding gas or meth stoves altogether, therefore, you can go for a multi-fuel or solid gas. Talking about supplies, you should pack long-lasting veggies such as kale, broccoli, and potatoes, tinned goods such as fish, chopped tomatoes, and beans.

Non-perishable food items such as tofu, couscous, dried fruit and nuts, pasta, dried meat and rice cakes are also a good idea. You may also consider packing bamboo utensils, to-go ware food containers, and stainless steel straws. And when it comes to hangovers, nothing works better than ginger tea (it can also ease nausea). In addition, you can consider grapefruit juice (boosts sugar levels), coconut water and bananas (full of antioxidants and nutrients.)

Tackling the Weather

The biggest conundrum – how to tackle festival weather? First up, you need to double up with clothing – go for bandanas or sarongs that can turn into bags and skirts or swimwear that becomes shorts or underwear. In case you are planning to brave festivals in spine-chilling cold such as Iceland Airwaves, make sure to take thermals, gloves, insulated foam mats and thick socks. In other situations such as deserts, wherein the temperatures drop at night (festivals such as Burning Man, Nevada, or Oasis Festival, Marrakech, you may as well need goggles, dust masks or scarves to deal with potential sandstorms.

Then there are conditions such as those of the soggy British Glastonbury Festival, wherein you need to take big boots, waterproof tarpaulin cover and wellies. In addition, you need to pack enough repellent containing DEET if you’re going off to mosquito-ridden areas such as Rainforest World Music Festival, Malaysia or Envision Festival, Costa Rica.

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