Top 5 Antiques Shops to Explore in Prague

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There is a variety of antique shops in Prague, be it in the center of the city or in surrounding neighborhoods. Like most shopping in Prague it is better for your wallet to venture out into the less touristy neighborhoods to find some real treasures, however, if you are looking for gorgeous valuable antiques in prime condition, then the city center is the best place to find antiques in Prague. A few good antique and flea markets also exist in the beautiful capital as well as outside of Prague. It is becoming an increasing trend to see antique markets on the riverbank and in some of Prague’s lovely squares as well. Keep your eyes open and you may just find a priceless treasure!

Arthouse Hejtmánek

Nestled in a lovely 17th-century house with a dreamy garden in the gorgeous embassy neighborhood of Prague 6 are the Arthouse Hejtmánek gallery and auction house. This family business is the culmination of approximately 25 years of mutual interests, life and work – a love of collecting led them to a supreme collection of beautiful art, antiques and design objects from all over the world that fill the charming old house that acts as a gallery for temporary exhibitions.


Founded in Prague in 2017, Médecine offers attractive home decor and interior design services. The curated collection consists of pieces of vintage and designer decor – objets d’art if you will – alongside artisan homeware and textiles from all around the globe. It is Médecine’s belief that the most beautiful, personal spaces are created over time with collected objects that mix and match seemingly together – as they are curated and chosen with love.

Le Bikes

If you happen to be searching for a vintage “pin-up” bicycle in Prague, turn to Le Bikes, a bicycle studio, and shop in Žižkov. Founded by Vit Hlousek, Le Bikes is a wonderful retro shop where you can purchase amazing retro bikes that have been restored to their former glory. Vit Hlousek, whose search for a cream-colored retro bike spurred the founding of Le Bikes, is passionate about restoring and customizing old bikes.


Located in Prague’s magical Old Town district, and situated across from the famous Estate Theater, is Prague’s premier auction house and antique gallery, the Dorotheum. If you are searching for fine arts, antiques, diamond and precious gemstone jewelry, silver, porcelain, ceramics, glass and more, Dorotheum is the perfect place for you. It is interesting to note that the Dorotheum has a splendid collection of old Czech garnets set in rings, brooches, and earrings, making the antique garnets a perfect souvenir.

Pastorale Antiques

Established in Prague in 1991, Pastorale Antiques is the place to shop if you are looking for something special and different to what you would normally find in Prague antique, home décor, and furniture shops. Pastorale Antiques is a soothing shop which features carefully chosen furniture of the highest quality for your home, garden and office plus an array of accessories including clocks, prints, china, maritime instrument décor, silverware and more.


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