Top Drinking Spots to Check Out in San Antonio – Part 1

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San Antonio has a reputation for being the go-to place for cheap drinks. At every street corner, you will probably find a seedy bar. However, the city has more to it than just quirky bars and quaint eateries. San Antonio also offers some of the most ingenious craft cocktails and suave clientele at its glorious rooftop lounge bars and speakeasy-esque bars in the downtown area. Here’s our pick of the top drinking spots in San Antonio that will surely blow you away.


TBA or “To Be Announced is a concept that is definitely unique for San Antonio. it’s a snazzy cocktail lounge and snack bar, where you won’t have any prior idea of the tantalizing concoctions Chef James Moore and bartenders will present to you. They don’t even have a sign to give away details. But we’ll tell you – there is a range of craft cocktails and ingenious infusions such as cardamom infused bourbon and cilantro and Serrano infused tequila on offer. As for snacks, you can explore the elevated bar snacks such as charcuterie, grilled gourmet sandwiches, and pickled okra. On a warm Texas evening, this bar is one of the most sought-after places in the area.

Blue Box Bar

Blue Box Bar is the newest inclusion into San Antonio’s thumping nightlife scene. It is located behind The Pearl Brewery, tucked between the Sandbar and the Boiler House. The Pearl Community in San Antonio is one of the fastest growing in the region and boasts of fine dining restaurants, shops, condos and more, which makes it that much more inviting and exciting. The Blue Box Bar, itself, offers an ingenuine collection of cocktails and snacks that will tantalize your taste buds for quite some time.

Carmens De La Calle Cafe

If colorful European-styles cafes are your thing, then Carmens de la Calle Cafe is the perfect spot for you. Here you can unwind in the warm decor and tasteful ambiance – every weekend, there’s live entertainment too. The cafe is also known for their delicious and authentic tapas bar that features globally-inspired dishes, with top choices such as paella, poblano roasted chicken, and beef picadillo. Friday nights here, are especially lively with the live Flamenco music and dancing – a rare find in the city.

The Last Word

The Last Word is a low-lit, intimate, modern-day speakeasy in the busiest downtown area. This exquisite new venue offers a variety of fine handcrafted beer, wine, and cocktails, devised by experts, Jeret Pena and The Boulevardier Group. they even serve cocktails on tap such as the crowd-appeaser 404 (made with Absolut Vodka, St. Elder, lemon juice, and Aperol.) Overall, the ambiance is sophisticated yet relaxed, and you can enjoy true craftsmanship along with your partner or friends.

The Squeezebox

Everyone has been raving about the Squeezebox lately. This cantina-style cocktail bar, located on St. Mary’s Strip features a relaxed uber vibe. That said, the entire experience elevates to newer levels with the live jazz music from the Jim Cullum Jazz Band among other bands. legends such as Nick Villarreal and Flaco Jimenez have also made an appearance in the Squeezebox.

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