Top Pasticceria To Explore In Florence, Italy

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The Tuscany region is known for its distinctive Renaissance art, architecture, rolling hills, and delectable recipes prepared from the choicest fresh, local produce. The culinary landscape, especially in the regional capital city Florence reminds you of quintessential Italian flavors that come from a combination of really simple ingredients. Here’s our pick of the top pasticceria in Florence where you can explore the local cuisine and make a few friends too.

Caffe Pasticceria Serafini

Located in the eastern half of the city, Caffe Pasticceria Serafini is known for its interpretation of the typical Italian breakfast comprising a pastry and an espresso-based drink. You can also choose from a variety of pastries such as cream-filled tarts topped with fruit, sugar sprinkled apricot jam-filled croissants and sweet sfoglia, which is essentially laminated puff pastry filled with either ricotta or fruit jams.

Dolci e Dolcezze

Dolci e Dolcezze is a popular spot among locals known for its luxurious flourless chocolate-rich cake. While seating might be an issue at this little spot, they do offer some of the most amazing flourless chocolate cakes in the region. If you wish to enjoy your cake like a local, order an espresso to complement the richness of the cake.

Bottega di Pasticceria

Located in a quiet area across the Arno River, Bottega di Pasticceria surprises everyone with its beautiful interiors and scrumptious pastries. The cafe menu features more than a dozen bite-size lip-smacking pastries along with a variety of croissants. Favorite among these are the Nutella filled croissant or sfoglia and seasonal Tuscan specialties such as pan di Ramerino, fritelle, and schiacciata alla Fiorentina. Order a cappuccino for coffee at Bottega and enjoy a delicious meal.

Rimini Caffetteria Pasticceria

In the Gavinana district of Florence, the Rimini Caffetteria Pasticceria is an expansive structure, complete with both indoor and outdoor seating. Here you can find an array of tasty sweets including the super sweet Tuscan bombolone, which is essentially doughnuts coated with sugar and filled with either Nutella or cream). You can also order a bitter cup of espresso to balance the sweetness of the bombolone. Fun fact – the coffee beans at the Rimini’s are locally roasted. You must also try the Sacher torte, which is filled with several dollops of apricot jam.

S. Forno

Don’t let the unassuming exteriors of S. Forno fool you. This seemingly tiny shop features deceptively large interiors and can seat a few dozen people. You can enjoy exquisite coffee, homemade sandwiches, pastries and salads here. You can also find some interesting combination of ingredients and flavors such as bread with chocolate chips, yogurt with fruit and granola, muffins and bread with butter and marmalade. The place also concocts up an amazing cup of Americano coffee.


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