One For The Road New Tracks For Traveling

One For The Road  New Tracks For Traveling

If you take long road trips and are tired of hearing the same old songs then read on, weary traveler.  For here we explore new, indie artists you may not know but might love once you hear them.  Here then are some new tracks for traveling:

The Dirty Clergy’s album, Rattlesnake, is set to hit the record racks next month.  Their current band roster features Brad White (vocals), Brian Manasco (guitar,keys, principal songwriting), Joshua Pope (guitar), Ky Carter (bass) and Cody Moorehead (drums).  On the upcoming album producer Lester Nuby III also plays drums and bass. Liv Slingerland guests on guitar.

Rattlesnake contains 14 cuts.  The opener, “Decades”, is vaguely reminiscent of The Killers.  “All I Need” is at times both retro- dance music and driving music.   Slingerland sits in on lead guitar.

“Gold” establishes the band’s signature sound.  “I” would work well as a soundtrack selection.  It is not blatantly commercial but has that particular potential.

“Strange Love” just plain rocks.  “Do Or Die” has an interesting fade-in and a slightly different vibe.  The acoustic touch of “Nothing” has a traveling troubadour feel to it.  There’s something “old school” rock about it.  

Ghost Stories” is perfect for Halloween or any other time.  Listeners may never learn where “Cocaine, NV” is but it doesn’t matter because this song by White works.  “Lie” fits in here as well.  “Give Me Your Reason” is co-written by Manasco and White.

Slingerland encores on guitar on “Out Of Time” which comes complete with an acoustic touch and noteworthy underlying keyboards.  “All The Money” is both loud and bold and yet not obnoxious or unintelligible.  “Summer Days” features Karina Noelle and works well as the closing cut to this garage rock/ pop band’s upcoming second full-length release.


Long Road is the new album from “The Six-Stringed Siren” guitarist Diana Rein.  On this 12-cut recording Rein not only sings but plays guitar and bass as well.  She opens slow and easy with the titular track as we learn that her life has not always been what she expected but she weathered the dark storms.  

“Wild One” reveals more of what she can do both in the guitar riffs and her bassline.  Her influences--Stevie Ray Vaughan” and even Jimi Hendrix--continue to reveal themselves as her signature sound solidifies in the slightly swampy “Livin’ Loud”.  

“Green Light” naturally keeps things moving complete with driving drums.  It’s followed by one of the best songs on the disc, “Rebel With A Cause”, which is a tuneful tribute inspired by the iconic actor.  “The Real Thing” gets a bit funky with a track that is both new yet somehow retro and familiar.

Rein gets into it on “Done Me Dirty”.  It works but seriously look at her?  What guy would do her wrong?

She slows it down a bit in the net number titled “Don’t Walk Away”.  More importantly, she also reveals her relationship failings in a refreshing, self-reflective song.

“Come Back Home” reminds us to remember our strengths during trying times while “Wicked” is a musically melancholic unexpected glimpse at Rein’s dark side.  Also included here is “Down Down Down”.  It’s a musical melding of backporch blues and hard rockin’ guitar that leads listeners to the closing “Peace”.  It’s an apt album endnote instrumental reportedly dedicated to her late dog Zoe.  Overall, Long Road is appears to be a successful selection of personal blues rock influenced original audio offerings that reveal Rein to be “The Real Thing”.    

Enjoy something new on your next trip.  Check out these rockin’ releases before your next trip.  You just might discover that one of them is just the one for the road.

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